Occupational Health Vaccinations

It is recommended for people whose work puts them at risk of contact with blood or body fluids, such as emergency services, nurses, prison staff, doctors, dentists and those working with drug addicts to protect themselves from Hepatitis B and Tetanus. We provide Occupational Health Vaccines in Preston.

It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure you are vaccinated. Nurses (and other health care workers) with direct patient contact who work in nursing homes, hospitals, general practices etc should have a flu vaccine every year, this is to protect them and their patients. Other vaccines are also sometimes recommended to help protect them and the vulnerable people they work with. These health services and vaccines may include BCG (against tuberculosis), varicella (against chickenpox), MMR (against measles, mumps and rubella) and hepatitis B. Social care workers should also have the annual flu vaccine.

If there is a risk of contracting any of these diseases in your line of work, speak to your employer about getting vaccinated.

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