Medicines Use Review & New Medicines Service

We can provide you with the New Medicine Service or a Medicine Use Review in Preston.


By signing up to our prescription services, we will conduct an annual review of all of your medication† with you in our consultation room. This review will aim to help you better understand the medicines you take, how they work and what they do. This is a free service, funded by the NHS, which involves having a private consultation of around 20 minutes. This consultation will be with our Pharmacist and it will focus on how you use your medicines.

Our pharmacist will conduct the review and advise you on how to get the best out of your medication. If you or the pharmacist has any concerns, we can refer this to your GP or signpost you to the most appropriate healthcare service provider.


If you are prescribed a new medicine for a long-term condition†, we will enrol you onto our New Medicines Service. This means that our pharmacist will stay in touch with you over the first few weeks of starting your new medication to ensure this medication is right for you. If you encounter any problems then we will liaise with your GP to find the best course of action to take. This service is provided to help our patients better manage their conditions and the treatment they are taking. We are here to support you and this is only one of the ways in which we do this.


Book in for a New Medicine Service or a Medicine Use Review in Preston today by contacting our team.

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